We invite you to learn more about our leading representatives, and see how Midwest can be an integral part of your profit-building team.

Scott Dodge

Scott began his career in the automobile industry in 1986 in Detroit, Michigan working for one of the Big 3 manufacturers. After 5 years in Detroit he moved to Dayton, OH where he built on his manufacture knowledge by consulting with dealerships to develop income opportunities specifically in the areas of finance and sales.

Scott has been with Midwest Agency since 1994 as a driving force in the growth of the company. Scott utilizes his ability as a world class F&I trainer to aid in the development of thousands of F&I managers who pass through the Premier Dealer Services F&I Training Academy, of which Scott is the lead trainer.  Scott’s ability to focus on partnerships with dealers and always looking to move them forward has cemented his reputation as a leader in the dealer services as well as the training industry.      

Steve Lenox

Steve’s career spans four decades in the automobile industry beginning in the late 1960s.  Steve started his career in the manufacturers’ lending side for 3 years, 3 years as an F&I Manager, and over 10 years in upper management of an insurance company.  Since the early 1980s Steve has spent over 30 years partnering with dealers to develop their F&I departments. Steve was a pioneer in the credit insurance business, and continues to help drive success in many of the dealerships that he has serviced for decades. 

These long term relationships are a testament to Steve’s ability to truly form partnerships in the growth of our dealer’s business.  Steve’s wisdom and experience make him a true asset to anyone that he comes in contact with in our industry. 

Jeff Tarantino

Jeff ‘s career in the auto industry started in retail in 1988. After 4 years in sales and finance Jeff successfully ventured into the lender and manufactures side of the business. This allowed Jeff to hone his skills as a master motivator as well as a product champion for service contract and back end products.

Jeff was recruited by Midwest Agency in 1999 based on his ability to “light up a room” with his overwhelmingly positive attitude and understanding of how to translate that into success for dealers and dealer personnel.  Jeff’s ability to drive product penetration and profit through his enthusiastic approach to training and account development sets him apart. His positive motivation is a driving factor in the success of all of the people he comes across whether in a dealership setting or a training seminar.


John D. Bowman

John’s retail career started in the in 1992 as an automotive sales person in Cincinnati, OH. Throughout his career in the automobile industry he has held positions in sales with the bulk of his career being spent in the business office. John also spent over 10 years as an independent management consultant covering the whole US.

As a member of Midwest Agency since 2013 John is using his skills in business development and leadership to help our dealer partners grow their businesses on multiple fronts. With John’s process driven focus and a “never stop learning” attitude he is instrumental in developing and realizing measurable gains in production, product penetration and profit. 



Kevin Tolley

Kevin has a wide range of experience spending 5 years in retail in a dealership setting as well as 8 years working for a Fortune 500 company as a District Coordinator. Kevin’s ability to utilize the management skills he has learned and apply them to today’s business environment is what sets him apart.

Kevin began his career with Midwest Agency Services in 2003 and quickly carved out a niche as a master product trainer. Kevin’s detailed analytical approach to account management has helped our dealer partners to realize new levels of growth and understanding. This approach has allowed our partners to maximize product penetration and profit while maintaining the highest levels of compliance.


Mark Gehring

  • 5 years dealership experience
  • 28 years as an ESC Agent

Brennan Dean

Brennan has spent close to 20 years in retail where he worked for some of the highest volume stores in the country. Brennan has experience with Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and Honda. Brennan not only has a wealth of finance experience, but also served as a Desk Manager and Used Car Director during his tenure in retail. 

Brennan joined Midwest Agency in 2016 to utilize his experience in helping dealers to develop their business at all levels. Brennan brings and enthusiastic attitude along with his ability to communicate across all departments of a dealership. Brennan is AFIP certified and has an impeccable track record of driving results utilizing solid processes to increase profit and CSI in all areas of the retail transaction.



Tina Egbert

  • 16 years Marketing Assistance Management, handling various aspects of dealership profits

Barb Ballauer

  • 12 years as a Customer Service Representative handling GAP and Etch claims and purchasing of dealership supplies.